Weddings Always Make Me Cry


I was fortunate enough to be at the wedding of two truly amazing people yesterday. I have known the bride for years, as she is one of Devon’s core (Hard Core!) group of oldest, best friends. Her now-husband is an intelligent, quiet and thoughtful man who absolutely and whole heartedly loves her with every cell in his being. The feeling is mutual of course and though I know they have struggles, tough times, trying situations and all, I have every faith that they will grow old together, hold hands when they walk down the street, gaze into each other’s eyes like they are seeing them for the first time, every time. These two are hope for happiness, a shining example that True Love is alive and well, working its magic and giving glow to all those around them.

The wedding was a simple ceremony, but the collective love was so great, it created a wave that just flowed between each and every person there. It touched our hearts, tears of happiness and joy were shed, laughter rang out and strangers became friends; troubles forgotten for the time, just being in the world of these two wonderful people. This is the magic of love, that brings people together, wraps them in a powerful blanket stronger than steel, more valuable than gold. Like armor against a harsh world, their love is their power, their truth and their salvation. I know the challenges that Life can present are oftentimes enormous, but I believe that these two will meet whatever the encounter on the Road of Life with a strong faith in their love and the willingness to do whatever it takes to make it through it. It makes my heart happy to see a gorgeous, confident woman looking absolutely radiant in her wedding dress and remember the young teenager that I first met so many years ago. I never gave birth to a daughter, but I have many daughters of my heart and she is the first.

So, I raise my cup of coffee and wish for you again for all the happiness your hearts can hold, all the sunrises your eyes can see and as much laughter as your body can bear.




On Ye Way Lassie

Dec 16, 2014
Love Horoscope for Sagittarius
There’s never a bad time to travel, Sagittarius. Your wanderlust may awaken as innovative Mercury sets sail through your sophisticated second house. This is no time to plan a weekend roughing it at a budget campsite. Instead, think of how enticing cuddling by a fire at a swanky ski lodge would feel, or imagine ringing in the New Year with a belly full of a five-star restaurant’s finest delicacies. Single? To meet a quality mate, you’ll have to frequent quality hot spots—skip the dive bars for a while.

Tomorrow I take off for my first international solo travel adventure and my horoscope (or the creative genius that writes it) sounds as though it is right on track for what I have planned or not planned, as it were. More than a few people have asked me why I’m going alone and why I chose Scotland. I’ll answer the easier of the two first – Scotland is where my father’s family originally came from, so I already feel a connection to it. After reading the Outlander series, I was inspired even more to see the land that held such fascination for me (let’s be honest here – the thought of meeting my own Jamie Fraser held a very strong appeal to me, although Liam will always be first in my heart). As to why I’m traveling alone, I feel as though this is my Vision Quest; my time to go out in the world alone, discover not only new lands and meet new people, but more so to discover myself, who I am when I’m not in the comfort of my everyday world. I want to stretch my wings, test their strength and go beyond what is comfortable, familiar and safe. As far as love goes, it would be nice to meet the man of my dreams, move to Scotland and live out the rest of my days in wedded bliss. But it would be equally nice to just meet a lot of really nice people, trade stories and enjoy the sights, the freedom and spontaneity that comes with no real agenda, other than to enjoy the experience and to grow.