Weddings Always Make Me Cry


I was fortunate enough to be at the wedding of two truly amazing people yesterday. I have known the bride for years, as she is one of Devon’s core (Hard Core!) group of oldest, best friends. Her now-husband is an intelligent, quiet and thoughtful man who absolutely and whole heartedly loves her with every cell in his being. The feeling is mutual of course and though I know they have struggles, tough times, trying situations and all, I have every faith that they will grow old together, hold hands when they walk down the street, gaze into each other’s eyes like they are seeing them for the first time, every time. These two are hope for happiness, a shining example that True Love is alive and well, working its magic and giving glow to all those around them.

The wedding was a simple ceremony, but the collective love was so great, it created a wave that just flowed between each and every person there. It touched our hearts, tears of happiness and joy were shed, laughter rang out and strangers became friends; troubles forgotten for the time, just being in the world of these two wonderful people. This is the magic of love, that brings people together, wraps them in a powerful blanket stronger than steel, more valuable than gold. Like armor against a harsh world, their love is their power, their truth and their salvation. I know the challenges that Life can present are oftentimes enormous, but I believe that these two will meet whatever the encounter on the Road of Life with a strong faith in their love and the willingness to do whatever it takes to make it through it. It makes my heart happy to see a gorgeous, confident woman looking absolutely radiant in her wedding dress and remember the young teenager that I first met so many years ago. I never gave birth to a daughter, but I have many daughters of my heart and she is the first.

So, I raise my cup of coffee and wish for you again for all the happiness your hearts can hold, all the sunrises your eyes can see and as much laughter as your body can bear.




Audrey, Sabrina and Me

You know when you’re feeling like you need a serious escape from reality and there’s that one movie that will always provide the best storyline, soundtrack, visual effects, eye candy or all of the above? That movie for me is Sabrina (the original movie, not the one with Harrison Ford) with Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and William Holden. The costumes by Hubert de Givenchy like this one

and the music like this

it’s the classic story of the ugly duckling transforming into the beautiful swan; I love this movie for too many reasons to list. It takes me away from the modern world of cell phones, twerking, political nonsense and the poo-slinging that is part and parcel of our process to a place of glamour, fashion and a glimpse into the world of the wealthy and privileged from the perspective of a chauffeur’s daughter as directed from the master director, Billy Wilder. A girl’s crush and unrequited love and the journey she takes to find herself; returning home a woman and meeting her said crush on completely different terms. Gorgeous and changed, yet still in love with the man as before. The story is a classic to be sure but Audrey gives it that touch of magic that comes from within and shines onscreen, brighter than the priceless jewels. Her beauty is not only in her gowns, the diamonds and pearls, but her eyes are the real treasure the camera loves; glittering with mischief and a knowing that hadn’t been there before. I love her, I love Bogey and I love this movie.
The first time I saw this movie I couldn’t take my eyes off Bogey; he was playing a role I’d never seen him in before; the straight-laced business man, older brother and yet, a romantic gentleman who dances with Sabrina delicately, kissing her “from David” with the cheeky comment “it’s all in the family” afterwards.

The next time I watched it, Audrey held my attention and I related to her heartbreak when she had to go away. Every time I watch, I relate to it in a different way, as my life experience has changed, but the music and the transformation will always take me to a comfortable place of escape and fantasy. Some things never get old, only improve with time.

My takeaway from this movie is that we are able to transform; to go beyond who we think we are, to become who we would like to be. Intention, determination and a belief in self are helpful in making the transformation and loving oneself is the best form of love you can seek out.