Crossroads Crossing



I am at a crossroads in my life,

Turn left for a wild dream, an impossible possibility

Keep right to continue the course I’m on,

chained to my desk, in my cubicle, confined.

It’s not a cell if there are no bars, right?

Golden handcuffs encircle my wrists, keeping me from straying.

I have been here for two decades already and feel as if

I’m at the Hotel California, workday edition.

I can check out anytime I like, but I can never leave

(well, at least not until I’m 55)

It’s a place of topsy-turvy logic, where the rare and ever-elusive

common sense is supposed to roam, but I have yet to see it.

Where bad and mediocre are rewarded,

good is overworked, anonymous and taken for granted,

worked into the ground, ground into bits.

I ask myself – how much more can I take?

Of biting my tongue so much I have only a stump left

and words pile up likerocks in an empty well,

Feelings of frustration and stagnation rule the day.

Perhaps the crossroads really isn’t about choosing a direction or changing course;

maybe it’s more about attitude and acknowledgment.

Acknowledging the fact that with the soul-sucking atmosphere of any cubicle colony,

comes a steady income and the sense of security.

Keeping an attitude of gratitude and understanding that today’s hardships are

the lessons I’ll need tomorrow.

Understanding that wherever I go, I take myself with me.

Of having faith that there is a greater good and a reason for it all;

Knowing that this, too shall pass.

It all shall pass and all too quickly for the good times, the days of summer and

the wild nights that only youth in its arrogance can orchestrate.

In their place now are quiet nights of contemplation and relaxation,

Looking forward to a new chapter, a new direction and creating new memories,

Traveling and exploring, finding beauty in everyday life,

love in everyday interactions.

I am at a crossroads and I close my eyes, spin in a circle then open them,

walking forward, trusting my intuition to guide me.

With an open mind and my preconceived notions unpacked and left behind,

I move forward, always forward, away from the past, fully living in the present, heading

for a future that is unknown yet I’m certain full of promise.

All Kinds of Silliness

Your past life boyfriend was James Dean, the ultimate rebel without a cause!
You are adventurous, sexy, rebellious and you love a boy that pushes the boundaries. There’s just something about “bad boys” that was always exciting for you and you’ll never settle for a run-of-the-mill guy. You don’t want a nice guy with a good job and decent salary. You want something more interesting! You need romance that makes you feel like you’re living life to the fullest. Boy, oh boy, was that James Dean! He was a cultural icon of disillusionment and rebellion. You two had the best, most adventurous time together.

Yes, it’s little bits of silliness like this that help to balance out the heavy, dramatic and often unpleasant aspects of life. James Dean would certainly be on my list of Top 10 Interesting Men, so I’ll happily buy into the belief that he was my boyfriend in a past life. Why not? There are times in my life where a certain horoscope on a certain day delivered a certain message that I desperately needed to hear; do I believe astrology is a science? Nope. Don’t need to. I just needed to get that message and a horoscope was simply the method of delivery. But there is often times a great deal of common sense and sage advice hidden amongst all the soul mates, dream jobs and overgeneralized warnings of unspecific happenings that could conceivably happen to you, if you do this, that or the other thing when the moon is here, there and everywhere. You get the idea. Other times it’s just something like this little distraction that provides food for the imagination to feast on and gives my overactive brain something pleasant to chew on and honestly, it’s pretty tasty. James Dean. I mean, seriously. Not to take away from Liam or anything, but James Dean is in the spiritual realm so it takes on an other-world quality that the living just can’t quite reach. Find some silliness to indulge in today and feed your imagination, inner child and that silly part of you that we often times have to keep heavily medicated and restrained in our minds (or maybe that’s just me).