Scotland Remembered

Edinburgh, Stirling and Urquhart castles

Beauty in all things down to tapestry tassels.

Glasgow Acropolis, history laid to rest

Tales of bravery, lives cut short, headstones attest

Merchant City, bustling with tourist and native alike

Traffic moves like a blood through veins; be it by car, tram or bike

Aberdeen, Fort William, Aviemore;

These highland towns I truly adore

Perth, Kelvingrove Park, Lanark

You have all left your mark

In my heart, in my soul you’ll always be

The best of my memories, the best of me.

I have left your lovely lands to return to my home

But I miss you deeply, you’re my reason to roam.

Oatcakes, tea and skies as far as the eye can see

Bring back the happiest in my memory;

Dunblane, John o’ Groats and the Isle of Skye,

my soul breathes out a heartfelt sigh

Calming, soothing beauty makes me smile

A journey through this beautiful land does please;

your wild beauty, star-filled skies and crashing seas

Make my heart wish to return again

To the land that I loved when this adventure did first begin.

You’ll always be in my heart, Scotland my dear

I will return someday, never fear.

When I’m sad or lonely or think life’s too much to bear

I’ll return to you, to heal my heart and to repair

my battle-weary soul that has fought for so long

and bow to a power that can’t go wrong

My love of the land, the people and all I know

Scotland, my love, my dream and home to my soul.


On Ye Way Lassie

Dec 16, 2014
Love Horoscope for Sagittarius
There’s never a bad time to travel, Sagittarius. Your wanderlust may awaken as innovative Mercury sets sail through your sophisticated second house. This is no time to plan a weekend roughing it at a budget campsite. Instead, think of how enticing cuddling by a fire at a swanky ski lodge would feel, or imagine ringing in the New Year with a belly full of a five-star restaurant’s finest delicacies. Single? To meet a quality mate, you’ll have to frequent quality hot spots—skip the dive bars for a while.

Tomorrow I take off for my first international solo travel adventure and my horoscope (or the creative genius that writes it) sounds as though it is right on track for what I have planned or not planned, as it were. More than a few people have asked me why I’m going alone and why I chose Scotland. I’ll answer the easier of the two first – Scotland is where my father’s family originally came from, so I already feel a connection to it. After reading the Outlander series, I was inspired even more to see the land that held such fascination for me (let’s be honest here – the thought of meeting my own Jamie Fraser held a very strong appeal to me, although Liam will always be first in my heart). As to why I’m traveling alone, I feel as though this is my Vision Quest; my time to go out in the world alone, discover not only new lands and meet new people, but more so to discover myself, who I am when I’m not in the comfort of my everyday world. I want to stretch my wings, test their strength and go beyond what is comfortable, familiar and safe. As far as love goes, it would be nice to meet the man of my dreams, move to Scotland and live out the rest of my days in wedded bliss. But it would be equally nice to just meet a lot of really nice people, trade stories and enjoy the sights, the freedom and spontaneity that comes with no real agenda, other than to enjoy the experience and to grow.