Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

I miss you. I wish I could tell you how much but I don’t hear from you anymore. I hope you’re doing well and your silence means you have outgrown me. I hope you don’t need me anymore and you’ve found something that helps you the way that I couldn’t. I hope that you will always remember our time together with a smile. I hope that you know how much you changed my world, opened up doors and windows within myself and within my world that I didn’t know existed. I hope that you know I love you, in a way that words cannot express; I love you with not only my heart, but with my soul as well. You gave me priceless gifts that I’m certain I will never be able to repay. You gave me a new lease on life, a different way of seeing people and things.

The most precious things in life cannot be boxed up, nailed down or made to stay in one place; they are precious because they are not to be owned by any one person, locked up or tied down or in any way contained. A beautiful sunset in the night sky, a shooting star, a baby’s first step and that first kiss; all of those things are beautiful and fleeting, which is one reason why they are so precious and should be treasured. This is how I must remember you – as a beautiful gift that lives only in my heart. You will never age, never change and will be remembered as you were the last time I saw you; with love in your eyes, warmth in your embrace and a touch of sadness in your farewell.

You will always be in my heart and I will recall your beautiful voice telling me to stay strong, believe in myself and reach for the stars.

Thanks for the memories.