Sleep. Dream. Escape.

From the time I woke up this morning

there was a strange feeling, a deadened gnawing

sitting solidly in the pit

of where my food (once eaten) does sit.

It was an odd feeling, a hollow but heavy feeling I felt

It circled my entirety, tightly, like an invisible belt.

I felt as though I had crossed through gossamer strands of time,

Losing all direction, sense of self, of reason and rhyme.

My mood was erratic, my heartbeat at time and a half;

I felt like I had run a race with the darkness,

on unsteady feet down an unfamiliar path.

Yet somehow, I found my way to morning,

to light and to day

I walked the maze of my dreamscape and

didn’t stop or stay

Made my way to the light, to the waking

and the dreams swept away.

Whatever dreams I had lived,

are now forgotten in the


Until my eyes close again tonight,

Until I see the blackness engulf the light,

the stars in my mind wake up and blink

and my conscious mind does sink

into the sweet, silent darkness,

the relief of sleep

allows me my sanity

to keep.

To dream the dreams my subconscious needs to speak;

to find the answers to the questions it seeks.

I dream a thousand dreams

of a thousand castles,

memories and fantasy meet and marry.

Sleep is my friend, dreams are her children

Escape is the destination to begin again.