IMG_3689“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods; there is rapture in the lonely shore; there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but nature more” -Lord Byron

I found a poster when I was about 13 that had a picture of the ocean at sunrise with the text above on it. I was fascinated by the ocean, the quiet society and the thought of being at one with nature and free from the noise and chaos of the human race. Somehow I felt as though Lord Byron was just like me, seeking out the quiet places where a worn and weary soul could go to heal, to recharge and to reconnect with something outside of oneself, but yet connected somehow. I hadn’t thought of that poster in years but have a vague memory of writing the text down in a journal somewhere with the intention of seeking out those places in my world someday when I was older and a world traveler. Well, fast forward about 30 some-odd years and here I am. A world traveler with a weary soul, seeking sanctuary from the world of Man, just for a little while. The ocean greets me like a great, great, great-grandmother, opening her arms and pulling me into her embrace, while the waves crashing down are the song she sings me. My eyes drink in the colors, the beauty of the crystal-blue sky, the blinding-white clouds and the silver tops of the waves as they catch the sunlight. The air is crisp, cool and smells like a brand new start, a fresh beginning, a clean slate. The ocean’s rhythmic cadence is like a story being told to me; I am feeling as though it’s telling me a story about my true purpose, my true identity. I am not  a child of Man, I am a child of the Universe; the world is my classroom and the ocean is one of many teachers bringing me lessons about everything and nothing. Everything is connected, nothing is insignificant.

I feel calmer, although no “real” change has taken place; I am still me, I am still facing the challenges that we all face, although no two lives are the same and no two individuals will process and feel the same way about the same event, there are commonalities and connections within the human race as a whole. For me, the key is to not dwell too long in the world of Man without taking time out to reconnect with Nature, walk the pathless woods and find rapture on the lonely shore.