Foolish Me


Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. –Chinese proverb


This weekend I experienced a painful reminder as to why I chose to distance myself from a couple who I can call friends, in the broadest sense of the term. I’m sure that most of you have encountered couples like these two; they are married, have a kid and seem to be making a good go of it, until they’re not.

Regardless of a reason, they have regularly scheduled Matrimonial Death Matches (Rounds 1 through 1 Million and counting), they go all out; screaming, blaming, throwing stuff, hitting and in general, tearing each other apart. That in itself is bad enough, but then they go outside their relationship and drag other people in, make them a part of the swirling mass of dysfunction and inability to take ownership of their part of the catastrophic event that is their relationship. Take sides, bash the other person (when they are not around to hear it or have the opportunity to respond to such poisonous barbs) but just when you think they are going to do everyone a favor and divorce, SURPRISE! They are back together, ready to work it out or even better, last week’s fight is a distant memory and now if you are the friend who agreed with those poisonous barbs, the other half of this Marriage from Hell is now angry with you for “taking HIS/HER side” and begins assaulting you with guilt-inducing declarations such as “I thought you were my FRIEND!” and “I TRUSTED YOU!! I thought you UNDERSTOOD how horrible/abusive/mean he/she is to me” and so on. Well, the reason why I’m putting you through all of this (assuming you’re still reading) is because about 5 years ago, I was the stupid person who was trying to befriend both parties and when they say that no good deed goes unpunished, I think of those times. Thankfully, I lived to regret every minute I spent with them. Fate finally smiled on me when I moved out of that neighborhood and out of their lives. Or so I thought.

Until a couple of weeks ago when I received a message from Mr. X, telling me that he had missed me all these years and wanted to meet up with me. Against my better judgment, I did meet up with him, had dinner, caught up on current events and found out that he was going through a separation from the little missus of about two weeks, at the time. At any rate, we met, we talked, we ate, no biggie. Until yesterday, when I received a message from Mrs. X, basically telling me that she had FOUND OUT about us. Seriously? OK, Nancy Drew – do tell. What exactly did you find out, all by your little self? That your husband is unhappy with you? Check. That the two of you are insane, in the clinical sense? Check. That you both can’t keep your toxic waste in your own little corner of Hell on Earth? Check.  I listened to her for about 30 minutes, until I began to realize that she was basically seeking a free “counseling” session, where she tells me her side of the sordid tale and I’m supposed to bash him and tell her she’s an angel for putting up with him as long as she has….yeah, that’s going to happen right after I get married to Liam Neeson….so, basically NEVER. (NOTE TO LIAM: I would marry you in a heartbeat, so in case you are interested, ignore the part where I said NEVER, just so we are clear). I wished her the best of luck with everything, asked her to please tell her husband to forget I ever lived, forget my number, my e-mail address and for her to do the same and NEVER contact me again. I then said a silent prayer for their child and hung up.

BAM! All at once, I realized (again) how incredibly toxic that couple is for me. Not saying that they aren’t good people, or they’re not loving parents; I don’t know if they are good, bad or indifferent, I just know that when I get around them, things tend to go badly for me. Much like the rescuer that gets pulled underwater by the drowning swimmer, my desire to save them is not strong enough to keep both of us above water. I walk away from conversations with them feeling like I have been drained of energy and happiness and in their place darkness and despair have taken up residence. Back in the day, I would wash those feelings away with a bottle or two of wine, but that’s no longer an option. It’s not a good feeling, especially when trying to stay away from alcohol and dark places in the mind. I know better than to ignore that voice that tells me to stay away, don’t answer the phone, don’t reply to that e-mail, etc. I guess sometimes I just need these painful reminders to keep me on track, keep me focused on me and remind me why when it comes to friends, I will choose quality over quantity any day. Better to have one true friend than 100 energy vampires, masquerading as friends, feeding off your good energy, your happiness and the rewards of years of hard work.

Like the proverb says, Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. You won’t get a third chance.


Friday Night Out

Mar 21, 2014

Today’s Horoscope for Sagittarius

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Today you could make the acquaintance of actors, musicians, or other performers, some of whom might be quite well known. Social occasions could bring valuable contacts your way, which you could make good use of later. You might be having so much fun out among the beautiful people that you really don’t want to go home! Don’t make it too late a night, however, Sagittarius. You’ll need all your energy tomorrow!

I love it when my horoscope perfectly aligns with what I have planned or am considering planning. My best girlfriend invited me to go out to see Pato Banton (Reggae singer from England) tonight. Now, if you’ve read any of my posts, you will already know that I am not someone who you would call a social butterfly and especially since I quit drinking, I generally avoid bars as a rule. But I’ve gone with her before and had an incredibly good time, so I’m going to go outside my comfort zone and will stay up late, go to a bar, not drink and hopefully dance away a few thousand calories in the course of the evening. I do have class tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., but I think the payoff will be well worth any tiredness I feel the next day. My friend has been there for me through some really tough, brutal times and I know how much she wants me to be happy, meet someone (someone to love, someone who loves me) and it frustrates her to no end that I refuse to “put myself out there”. So, in an effort to meet her halfway, I’m going to get out my nicest jeans, squeeze my increasingly generous booty into them, throw on an interesting shirt & some not-too-high heels and strut my stuff like I own the place, all the time fighting internally with the voices that tell me I don’t belong, I don’t fit in, I would have more fun if I drank, etc. I bet you thought this was going to be a happy, joy-joy type of post, didn’t you? Nope. I guess the point of living is to face your fears, learn from your mistakes and every once and a while, just go a little crazy, in a good way. Let your hair down, leave your worries at home and let your body relax and flow to the music and let your soul soar, free from the workday, free from the confines of your own mind, just free. Free to be silly, flirty, bold and brazen. Free to sing off-key, hum along to the parts I don’t know, hug strangers, give out compliments and smiles like they’re going out of style and just HAVE FUN. It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed so hard my cheeks hurt, danced so much I limped the next day and lowered the walls around my heart and let someone in. So, tonight, I’ll be all those things and I may just find my long-lost, carefree Self.

If my horoscope is any indication, the Universe seems to be in agreement.

Happy Friday to all you cubicle dwellers and weekday warriors!!

I do adore Audrey

I do adore Audrey