The Little Things

I made a promise to myself not long ago that I would get a stationary bike to help me get some much-needed exercise. I said that once I got it, I would spend a minimum of 15 minutes every other day and above all else, I would never use it as a clothes dryer, hanger or any purpose other than to exercise. I have kept my promise on the latter and to the former, I have finally started and succeeded in my goal. I’m bearing in mind that it’s early in the game but thus far, I’m off to a good start. My poor body is in shock from this type of exertion, as I haven’t set tush on a bicycle seat in too many days (years?) to count. So, I am feeling good that I kept my promise to myself and actually did a whole 15 minutes of sweat-inducing, butt numbing and overall good-feeling torture (I mean, exercise) today. That’s the first little thing.

I have long wanted to communicate with someone in another country and I have at last been able to find a pen pal to chat with, share definitions of slang and in general, get another’s perspective on life and all the trials and tribulations that includes. It’s interesting to find that no matter how different the environment, the location or one’s situation, the human condition is more similar than not. Friends suffer from depression, suicide takes those who suffer without relief, man behaves badly and in the process, hurts his fellow man. Priests sin, passions cool; children grow and go away and parents age and die, the sun rises and it sets, with no concern for those it shines upon or leaves in darkness. I have learned so much about my pen pal just in the course of a few e-mails and I feel a kinship already, born of commonalities of childhood, the cancer of mental illness and the sour taste of regret and remorse. But it’s not all bad, either. The triumph of overcoming and growing beyond said childhood troubles, finding strength in oneself and experiencing the compassion of others towards those living with mental illness. Knowing that we are not alone in our struggles and even though there is an ocean between us, we are side by side in empathy, understanding and our hearts go out to each other for our losses. A laugh here echoes across the miles and lights upon another’s face in a reflected smile. No matter how vast the distance, we are as close as words typed on a screen. An instant and a half later, they are read and heard in another’s mind. It’s a little thing, but it’s a good thing.

Lastly, the fact that even though it’s going to be hotter than Hades today, I sit in a blissfully cool, darkened room with the air conditioner saving my skin, my sanity and my soul from the hated rays of the burning, scalding summer sun.

Having this blog and knowing that you will read what I write, possibly enjoy it, maybe read something that in a little way makes a big difference in your day, your perception or just makes you smile.

It really is all of these little things that add up to my happiness and thankfulness today and every day I take the time to think about them.

2 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. I have a treadmill that has become long-disused AND a clothes hamper. So sad. I’m now inspired to plug it in and use it again…! And DOWN WITH THE HEAT! God has left the thermostat up, I think.

  2. I completely agree – enough with the heat already!!! I find it much easier to “get physical” when I’m not already sweating at rest. I am more than ready for some relief. Plug in your treadmill – YOU CAN DO IT!!

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