The Power of Know

Know your limits; this applies to most things in life. If you are going swimming in the ocean, know how far you can swim so that you don’t end up exhausted and unable to swim back to shore.

Know how much irritation you are willing to tolerate so that you know when to walk away.

Know your strengths and weaknesses; your strengths will be needed to help with your weaknesses and your weaknesses can be changed into strengths, given enough time and attention. Note that these will be ever-changing, as you age, grow and mature.

Know your enemies. They need not be human; think of greed, vanity, delusion, ignorance or pride.

Know your friends. Think humility, kindness, love, compassion and forgiveness.

Know your source of faith. God, Goddess, Zeus, Buddah, Allah, Jesus Christ, Catholic Church, Scientology Church, Mormon Church or Church of the Ever-Lasting Gobstopper….whatever you draw on to help you to get through each day.

Know your heart’s desire, so when it is presented to you, you will know to hold on to it and thank whomever (see above) brought it to you.

Know when to offer help and know when it is time to step away.

Know your Self;

Know your Past Self, to see how far you’ve come;

Know your Present Self, to stay the course; and

Know your Future Self, for you are creating it with each thought and every action.

Know that you are more precious than you’ll every know.

Know that you may never get the answer to the question “Why?” but also

Know that you should never stop asking.

Know not everyone will agree with the choices you make, but also

Know that it is your life you’re living, not theirs.

Know that before you can obtain forgiveness from others, you must first forgive yourself.

Know that sometimes our worst fears become our greatest victories, our darkest, most dismal times become the catalyst for our greatest transformations and that no matter what you are going through, this, too, shall pass.

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